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Surf classes and accommodation on the same premises just meters from the beach. A unique way to enjoy the surf and the surf culture in Somo (Santander, Cantabria).At our Surf House and Hotel the atmosphere is 100% surf orientated. If this is your first time you will have no problems getting into the surf vibe with the help of our material and the knowledge of our monitors. .
If you are already into it here you will find loads of boards for you so that you don’t have to travel with your own surf board. The surf in Somo (Santander) offers plenty of opportunities depending on the swell, tide and wind conditions.Come and surf with us and we will bring you to the best spot for your level. We work with agencies from throughout Europe which gives as an international vibe. Can find cheap flights from all around Europe . Check Ryanair´s site.
Most of our clients are aged between 20 and 35 years old which pretty much guarantees a great atmosphere. This is exactly one of our best points which we offer 24/7. A healthy enjoyable atmosphere where you can share surf sessions, play a game of volleyball, receive a yoga class or enjoy a barbeque with the people which you have just met. Very open people although they find it difficult to understand you in your language. All without having to leave the surf house.
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